Capit(x)l City Shadows

LFG Raid

The one where time and space got shoved into a wood chipper

Paydirt. Things were finally going somewhere. Department-7 had some traction on the Corsone Syndicate and it was looking weirder all the time.

There was a warehouse. Known associates of Corsone were guarding absurd amounts of freight inside, which might not have been too weird for warehouses, but places like that have a certain amount of coming and going that didn’t match up. Stuff goes in, stuff never goes out. Best anybody could tell it was a stockpile of random, every day things that didn’t have any obvious connections.

That suspicion might all sound unnecessarily conspiratorial in association with anybody else, but it begged a critical question: what was so important for organized criminals to put into storage under armed guard? If anybody they’d have something to hide. There was too much Shadow related trafficking with the Syndicate for Department-7 not to want to keep tabs on that warehouse.

  • Ralph’s mind control
  • Moreaus
    *Raid members
    *RBD&H, BD&H
    *Timey Wimey
    *Office Space
    *SBJM + Secretary
    *Mop up



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